Inspiration – Patterns by Drusilla Cole



I’m not exactly stuck for inspiration at the moment – I’m feeling pretty buzzy and constantly excited to start the next project as I have so many ideas, and I actually need to reel them in a little as I can only do one thing at once! (Actually, I am actually working on two baby quilts simultaneously at the moment, more on these soon…)

I am endlessly drawn to different patterns to use in my sewing and love the idea of eventually designing my own fabrics to use in my patchwork quilts. Recently, I was drawn to the book ‘Patterns’ by Drusilla Cole and this alone has given me hundreds of ideas. It features all kinds of patterns from the world of graphic design, fabric, fashion, furniture and stationery and it really is a beautiful little book to flick through. If you are at all interested in pattern, I recommend it as a great book to get your hands on. I believe she has written several other books on pattern too, which I plan on adding to my collection…

I am a book-addict. Do any of you have any great art books you can recommend?

L xx


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