A little about my quilts

Hi there!

Well, it’s a week into my Etsy shop being open, and so far I’ve had a great response. I had my first sale (eeee!), a custom order enquiry (double eeee!), I have surpassed 600 views of my shop and nearly all of my items have been favourited by shoppers! These things all make me a very happy bunny, although I have become addicted to checking my shop statistics every 5 mins! Damn those smart phones…

My shop is growing all the time, and there are currently 10 items for sale in 3 different sizes – Lap/throw quilts for normal grown-up sized humans, baby quilts for little humans, and mini-quilts for our small furry friends.

I name all of my quilts after songs, because music is my biggest inspiration and because I included a Bob Dylan song lyric on the very first quilt I ever made which was what began this whole adventure (also because I’d waste far too much time trying to think up my own names each time!) Sometimes they are named after a song I was listening to whilst making it, other times it’s just the name of a favourite song that I thought would suit the item. So far I have named all of my products once they’re finished, but I’d like to also make a quilt inspired directly from a song or song name and already have a few ideas.

Below is a quick run down of my products so far (minus the one already sold) with a lyric from the song they are named after. Not all these songs had very profound or poetic lyrics, but never mind….

I’d love to hear which is your favourite? Or do you have a song suggestion that could inspire the next quilt? Let me know and it just might happen…

Very best,



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