I heart Merchant & Mills

I just adore everything about Merchant & Mills (except maybe their pricing….!). The whole design of their brand and their packaging is just gorgeous and I simply want to buy everything that is wrapped up in it (regardless of whether I need it or not)…..

Their own words, taken from their blog, hit the nail on the head….

“We are Merchant & Mills. Our packaging reflects the company ethos of sound design with a nod to the past. By using strong images and announcing the product titles in bold, capital letters, it reaches both sides of the brain at once: the visual right and the pragmatic, linguistic left. It is futile to resist. It works on me. It makes me want the things inside the package. I am reminding you to covet.

You know you want it

Our utilitarian approach continues a long tradition of clear, bold packaging using everyday materials: white labels, small brown envelopes and folded paper in varying configurations. And quite a lot of black ink.”

It works on me too. And yes I do want it. I want it all.

Their products make perfect gifts for sewing and crafty types – practical items wrapped in beautiful design, what could be better? The sewing book will be available from 4th October and I am already eyeing it up. Take note, dear friends and family 😉

Pretty nice, huh? View the whole range in their shop here.

L xx


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  1. I like the items in this posting!

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