Happy Friday!

ImageHappy Friday everybody! I hope you have lovely things planned for your weekends. It’s looking like there’s going to be a bit of sunshine, so it’s not quite autumn just yet.

In between visiting family ad friends, I’m going to be piecing another quilt top, and maybe even starting on the quilting if things go my way.

If you don’t yet have any plans, here are some more great crafty ideas for you….

Have a little furry friend? Make him or her an adorable vintage suitcase bed, and then fill it will one of my mini-quilts 😉

Get organised with this felt bill and receipt holder. I actually really need something like this, I have little bits of paper everywhere….

Make giant paper flowers, for a lovely touch of whimsy! What a pretty idea for a photoshoot.

Having a dinner party or friends over for tea? Impress with your own DIY sugar cubes

Bind your own hardback journal made from any paper you like

Crochet your own basket. Cute AND useful!

Have fun and let me know what you get up to.

L xx

[pic is from a Nappor advert here]

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