Etsy vs Not on the Highstreet 8


It’s been a little quiet on here again recently (*smacks wrist*), but not because I have forgotten the blog, only because I’ve been busy with other sides of Dimple Stitch.  This week has seen me ship my first international order to Brazil (“Ariel” and “Belle Isle” are now sold) as well as ordering fabrics to start on custom orders. Exciting things are on the horizon, a new website is coming very soon and all sorts of new products will be arriving on the shelves of the shop for you to fill your Santa sacks with.  Keep checking back regularly.

It is now LESS THAN 9 WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS! So it really is time to start thinking about your Christmas presents. Here are some lovely ideas from the worlds of Etsy and Not on the Highstreet. Lots of framed pictures this week, guess I’m feeling arty…


L x

Etsy / NOTHS

Etsy / NOTHS

Etsy / NOTHS

Etsy / NOTHS


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