Etsy vs Not on the Highstreet 11

Happy Thursday, very nearly Happy Friday, and of course Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving not only means the holiday season has well and truly arrived, it also means that this weekend is the biggest shopping weekend of the year with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday all happening in one weekend. And you know what that means? Discounts!

In the spirit of the holiday season, I will be doing my first and only promotion of the year, so check out the shop tomorrow and you might just find yourself a coupon code to redeem against any Dimple Stitch listing!

So if you haven’t done it yet, it really is a good weekend for getting your Christmas shopping done, especially if you are buying handmade on Etsy.

As ever, here are a few ideas for all the family from small stocking fillers to more extravagant gifts.  (Love the  doodle duvet cover!)


L x

For the groovy guy:

christmas gift for himEtsy / NOTHS

For the lovely lady:

christmas gift for herEtsy / NOTHS

For the  youthsome youngsters:

christmas gift for kidsEtsy / NOTHS

For your pampered pets:

christmas gift for dog and catEtsy / NOTHS

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