Countdown to V-day – Part 1 Terrifically Typographic

I have been away far too long, I think I’ve actually been worse at blogging since making the vow to do it more often! Naughty me 😦

To make it up to you, I am going to post every day this week leading up to Valentine’s Day. I don’t usually buy into V-Day and never really bother celebrating it much, however I am a huge huge lover of pretty stationery so this is a perfect excuse for me to look at cute cards and prints, and I’ve put together a selection of my favourites from the web. 

Each day I’ll post a new theme, with two craft tutorials so you can add the handmade touch to your Valentine’s day.

Up first, is my selection of terrifically typographic cards. I just love these….


Clockwise from top:

i’m super sweet on youLOVEhead over heels / I want to have adventures… / winnie the pooh / you & me / best part of my day / I love you like…. / i love your stupid face

And here are some terrifically typographic Valentine’s craft ideas:

Make your own lovey-dovey wall art using adhesive lettering

Is your crush a bookworm? How about making some sweet Valentine bookmarks

Check in tomorrow for my heavenly hearts themed cards and crafts…

See you then!

L xxx



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