Work Space Envy

An enviable work space is something I, sadly, do not have. I work from my dining room table in our open plan living/dining room where all my sewing paraphernalia is stuffed awkwardly in one corner (at least at the start of the week it’s just in one corner – it’s no secret that I’m not the tidiest of crafters…).

Today I’ve been searching for some sensible storage, and have come across an abundance of beautiful work spaces and craft rooms which have made me turn a deep shade of envy-green. Needless to say, I spent too much time looking at the beautiful work spaces of others on blogs and Pinterest, and not enough time looking for my own storage solutions, and so I remain empty handed and still with rogue fat-quarters and escaped-pins all over the room.

There are too many amazing and creative spaces to share in one blog post, so I’ve chosen to feature one for now but I’m bound to return with more posts of other inspiring eye-catching studios I’ve come across.

This beautiful room belongs to the very talented Dawn at Olabelhe, who makes charming clothes for little girls. Her patterns are very reasonably priced and I’m already eyeing up a couple as potential flower girl dress ideas! Her sewing studio is just as sweet as her girls’ clothes, so grab yourself a cup of tea and enjoy a walk around her lovely and inviting craft room…

3762559936b9e531be5a1c632749c72aea864b324f4851795930efd887968ffc1732fdb1216b47262970dd6fd903344cdetailssr13I am totally in love with how her double French doors with the basket and flowers outside make it feel like a shop front. I can’t think of a lovelier entrance to an office or craft room, although I think I’d be tempted to hang a swinging ‘Dimple Stitch’ sign outside too! It’s like a little candy shop, and don’t even get me started on that wall of fabric…I could gobble that up in seconds! This studio perfectly captures the essence of Olabelhe’s style and reflects her products too – girly, romantic, innocent and reminiscent of times gone by.

Definitely have a green flush to my cheeks, how about you?

L x

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