Friday finish – a sweet little pillow

DSC_0056 cushion CollageWoah busy week, mostly spent doing some graphic design, wedding and honeymoon planning and in the case of this afternoon, making cushions just ‘cuz, despite having a long list of things I should have been sewing instead. I’m very easily distracted.

I whipped up this little pillow in a couple of hours today. Bonus points for adding a zip too, I’ve not sewn in a zip for literally years, I was relieved to find that I’ve not forgotten how (nevermind the dodgy colour and the fact it’s not an invisible one – it was the only zipper I had lying around). Is it the most exciting thing I’ve ever made? No. But the linens are deliciously soft and I love the muted neutral colours. Oh, and that cute little red guy – he was made for me by my good friend Maria and usually lives on my mantle. I’m loving my new sweet and simple little cushion and it looks very inviting on my sofa, which I can’t wait to sink my butt into for the rest of the evening. In fact I’m making a bee-line for it now, stopping only to collect a bottle of wine from the fridge…

Happy Friday! xx

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