Monday musings

DSC_0037fabric Collagecraft Collageother CollageMonday! Here we are again and as per usual you have interrupted my lovely weekend. How rude.

It really was a lovely weekend too, filled with a ton of crafting. Friday was spent whipping up a quick cushion, and then organising my stash and work space. I just love having all my fabrics neatly folded and stacked by colour. Not convinced how long it will last though, but it’s worth trying to be a little disciplined with it ‘coz it looks so purdy! Friday evening was my kind of night in- we finished off the latest series of House of Cards with a delicious pizza and glass of wine – big thumbs up!

On Saturday my bridesmaids came over and we had a perfect girly day decorating jam jars and folding origami cranes with lots of gossiping and giggling in between, even Kira (the cat) was loving all the female company and tried to join in with us. I also had a very exciting mail delivery, but more on that tomorrow! I even managed to squeeze in a spot of paper-piecing last night in front of Erin Brockovich too. Lovely.

But Monday has brought me back to earth with a bump – technical difficulties (this is not the first time I’ve written this blog post, I’ve been trying since this morning!), wasp stings (ouchy), accidental-photo-deletion rage, general grumpiness. Boo.

This week does have two silver linings though – the first being that Issue 6 of Love Patchwork and Quilting is out on Wednesday, featuring a couple of projects by little old me (yeeehaah!) and the second being that it’s Pancake Day tomorrow! Yes Shrove Tuesday I am ready for you! I’m a simple banana and syrup kinda gal, but in case you’re feeling a tad more adventurous, here are a few quirky pancake recipes that have caught my eye.

Indulgent Millionaire’s Shortbread pancakes

Marmite pancakes with onion chutney – love it or hate it?

Pancake samosas with orange citrus filling and chocolate dipping sauce

A twist on a classic – Baked pancakes bolognese

Japanese vegetable pancakes with chilli

What will you have on yours? L x


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