Letters to Ginger

DSC_0077A couple of weeks ago I posted about the the lost art of snail mail and pleaded for a like-minded someone to become my pen pal so we could send each other exciting mail-things. Little did I know my wish would be granted and on Saturday morning I heard the familiar ‘thump’ of the post hitting the door mat.

Expecting the usual junk I trudged downstairs in my dressing gown and there I found a beautiful hand-sewn bright pink envelope (with sheep on!) beaming up at me. Words can not describe the pleasure of receiving an actual handwritten letter from an actual person, especially when it’s bursting with colour and lovely little details like this was. Not to mention the presents. Yes, PRESENTS! Little acts of kindness from strangers is a truly remarkable thing. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I did a little jig of happiness and proceeded to wave all the different envelopes in the face of my still sleeping fiance. I hope Ginger won’t mind me sharing some of the details from her package so I can truly express my delight upon receiving this beautiful letter. Ginger, you’ve set the bar high with this one, but I can’t wait to try to match it!

letters Collage1DSC_0066 letter Collage 2DSC_0075letters collage 3Someone must have tipped her off about my love for small animals on just about anything. Especially stationery. I’m pretty crazy about that tiny alpaca note paper! 😀

L xx


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One response to “Letters to Ginger

  1. Eeeeek! I’m so glad you liked the little sheep package. Yay for penpals!

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