Sewing and sorting

Well, there goes another week! We are rolling towards the summer at an alarming rate. Nearly April, eek! I am more than ready to put away the jumpers and slippers, but I don’t want to wish the year away. 2014 is a big one for us.

Anyhow, what have I been up to last week? Lots of sewing, and cutting and sewing again. Oh, and a little bit of sorting! I finally got round to sorting out my stash which wasn’t doing anything for me stuffed in boxes under the coffee table. I bought a CD tower to store all my bits in, and truthfully I probably should have gotten a second! My stash is somewhat larger than I thought it was (oops!). I couldn’t be happier with my new storage solution though and I love that I can see exactly what I’ve got at a glance and finally I’m beginning to get my sewing space to how I want it. The shelves are pretty maxed out, but I could squeeze in a little more red/orange/yellow….

storage Collage

This week has also been another kind of week. Here are a few ‘making of’ snaps from a personalised pet quilt in my Gypsy design. Hopefully its new cat or dog owner, will be as happy with it as my kitties are with theirs 🙂
triangle Collagesewing Collagecorvette18I’ve got a much more exciting week lined up this week – more triangles, a couple of delicious fabric deliveries, and a quilt finish to share with y’all. Keep your eyes peeled. L x


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