Back with a quilt-beast

Oh my poor neglected blog! I was doing so well with keeping up to date too.

The truth is I have been snowed under with work, and I’ve finally got some breathing space now to show you what I’ve been up to. I’ve mostly had graphic design work the last few weeks (which I can’t share), working for two charities as well as some work for my regular fashion clients.

But between all that, I have done LOTS of sewing and I’ve finally gotten round to taking some pics in the garden and am ready to share with you no less than THREE finished quilts over the coming days!

Oooh which one to show you first?! Eeenie-meenie-minee-mo…let’s go for ‘Zig Zag Wanderer

anna maria horner flannelThis is the first of two, what my fiance refers to as ‘honking big quilts’. And that they are, at a massive 70″ x 90″ they are my largest quilts yet (that’s all 6’4″ of him standing on a chair holding it up for the camera). These twin size quilts were commissioned by a customer in Canada and I am thrilled to be able to send them off to her at last.

Not only is this a beast in size, it is also made from the beautiful Anna Maria Horner ‘Folksy Flannels’ which make it very weighty and thick too. Perfect for snuggling under in the cold Canadian winters!

I’ve only worked with flannels a couple of times and have mixed feelings about it. I love the finished effect, but it can be a little harder work than usual.

Things I like about working with flannels:

  • They press beautifully flat
  • They ‘stick’ onto batting nicely which helps hugely with basting
  • They’re so touchable and oh so soft and snuggly!
  • They have a little give so you can ‘encourage’ your points to meet nicely 😉

Things I don’t like about working with flannels:

  • They’re slippery little buggers so you have to pin the hell out of them
  • They make my rotary blades and sewing machine needles very blunt, very quickly
  • They lint up my machine
  • They easily stretch out of shape
  • Super heavy to quilt, quite the work out (could be seen as a pro I suppose…)

Overall, I’m really pleased with how it turned out, even if it did take an age to make and meant moving all my dining room furniture around to lay it out! I’m afraid I didn’t get any pretty pictures of the ‘making-of’ stages, but here are a few snaps I grabbed on my phone which were sent to my customer as updates of the process.

anna maria hornerShe’s a beast, but a very pretty one. The quilt, that is, not the customer! Hmmm, maybe I should name her ‘Beauty and the Beast’ instead? She’s leaving tomorrow for her new home where I hope she’ll be loved and snuggled by her new family over the years. Good thing it’s not winter time here or this quilt would have to be prized out of my arms! One day I’ll get round to making my own mega-snuggle-beast like this one, I don’t think a household is complete without one…

finished Collagefinished Collage2



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