Spring Quilt Market & Cotton+Steel



If you could see me right now, you’d see I have a right grumpy pout on, and have since Thursday because I am not at International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. Everyone who’s everyone in fabric design and quilting is at the spring quilt market and I am feeling especially jealous, not helped by the fact that I’m going to miss the UK Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this summer as well, as it coincides with our honeymoon (though if ever there was a good reason to miss it, that is it).

Twitter and Instagram are all a buzz with sneak peeks of the Spring fabric lines and beautiful booth set-ups which is feeding my envy and curiosity in equal parts. One of the most anticipated launches this Spring is the new fabric design collective, Cotton+Steel, a division of RJR fabrics made up of five of the most talented designers in the world of fabric, Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman Hale, Alexia Abegg, Sarah Watts and Kimberly Kight,  most of which I have used in my own work. Founded by the wonderful Melody Miller, Cotton+Steel is both a collaborative venture where the ladies have combined their talents to create some wonderful basics, as well as each of the designers having their own line within the Cotton+Steel brand which all coordinate with one another. It’s a genius idea and their whole branding is just delicious, I cannot wait to see their creations and how the company grows over the next few seasons.


You can hear more about them in this fab, and super-inspirational video made by Melody’s husband.

I am so excited by these fabrics, and from some of the sneak peeks I’ve seen, they seem to be living up to the hype. Here are a few sneaky images from The Village Haberdashery (thanks Annie!) where you can already pre-order the full collection! Resistance is futile.

cootn and steel Collage


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