It’s all in the details part 1 – Personal

This weekend marks three months since our wedding day and that magical & balmy midsummer’s day seems like a lifetime ago already. I previously mentioned I’d share a few of the crafty handmade details from our day, just to show you what kept me busy over the last year and a half when I wasn’t quilting.

Some of you will have previously read that I used to work for an event planning company as a stationery designer. This paired with my love of crafting meant I was truly in my element when planning our wedding. While the logistics and politics of putting a wedding together was pretty stressful, working on all these bits and bobs kept me calm yet busy throughout the wedding lead up, and I truly enjoyed making it personal and handmade. Things that I didn’t make myself I bought from other small businesses wherever possible and would encourage any other brides-to-be to do the same as it feels so much more special knowing an individual has put their love into making something for you. All photos were taken by the simply wonderful Julie Anne Skelton, who I really can’t say enough lovely things about.

I’ll start at the very beginning, with our invitations. I am a MASSIVE stationery geek and had always dreamed of having letterpress invitations but was sure I’d never afford them. I scoured the net for affordable ones, and just as I was about to give up hope, I found a seller on Etsy who could do them within budget. The printing is beautiful and I’m so glad I had a few left over for us to treasure. I wanted the design to be classy and elegant so I kept them neutral and fairly minimalist with a touch of whimsy brought in with the typeface and leaf motif. I adorned them with a linen belly band, silky ribbon, handwritten name tags and white wax cat seals (which I would have continued to stamp on absolutely everything at the wedding, had they not taken so bloody long to do…) and overall, I was pretty darn chuffed with myself once I’d finished them!

0013Collage1 0014

Choosing how to do the placement cards and table plan was one of the hardest decisions for me, as there were so many different ideas I’d seen on Pinterest and blogs that I adored, and I kept changing my mind. I knew I wanted to do individual escort cards rather than a table plan, and after seeing some name tags pinned up along a string, I was inspired to do something similar, tying in my love of fabric and the grey and linen colours and fonts from the invitation. So, I raided my fabric stash (which luckily has a rather large neutral collection – not sure what it says about me that my favourite colour is grey…) and started cutting the 80 squares with my pinking blade. I printed the names and tables onto a thick textured card and just glued them onto the fabric backing. I then placed my dad in charge on the day of finding a suitable pair of trees to string and peg them up on, and he did so right at the entrance of our venue, where they gently danced in the breeze. Not sure what plan B would have been if we hadn’t been blessed with a gorgeous sunny day…

Collage20040The placement cards were a hybrid of two ideas I’d seen. We’d already found a few ways to incorporate the cats into our day, but I also wanted a nod to our chickens as well. Years ago at my old job, we did an event where each guest had a gold painted hen’s egg with a Chinese fortune inside. My colleagues and I blew out 300+ eggs, spray painted them gold and rolled up a little fortune for each one that was pushed inside through the hole. Guests were encouraged to crack them open, and it was a real talking point among the tables and was a huge hit with all the guests at the party.  I thought it would be a memorable and quirky detail and that it would help tie together our very loose flora and fauna theme and hubby thought it was fun too. In researching inspiration pics, I fell in love with using quails eggs in table decor and thought they would be much prettier and daintier than using hens eggs. I bought some already blown-out shells for pennies online, but was then faced with how to make them stand up. I looked at mini nests and boxes and all kinds of crazy ideas but nothing was small enough for the tiny eggs. Eventually, I found a picture I’d pinned years ago before even being engaged of these wood-shaving flowers and had a ‘eureka’ moment. They were so delicate and pretty and although some of them were a bit on-the-wonk and wobbly on the day, but ya know, I think it added to the charm. I gave hubby the job of finding the fortunes to put inside, and the idea soon evolved into making them all cat-themed! Some were fortunes, but most were sayings and proverbs. Kind of a silly idea, but it was very ‘us’ and we had a lot of laughs putting them together. To finish, I hand stamped each name in gold ink onto grey card, and voila!



We named each of our tables after animal and flower pairings – some of the animals had significance to us, others were chosen just because they’d be cute. Using stock images, I traced each one with gold ink onto grey card, and stood them on mini easels. They ended up being one of my favourite wedding details and I plan on framing them or something one day. Our 8 tables were – Leopards & Lavender, Bears & Buttercups, Elephants & Edelweiss, Foxes & Forget-me-nots, Hens & Hibiscus, Giraffes & Geraniums, Puddle-ducks & Peonies and Wolves & Wisteria 🙂Collage5The final wedding craft I want to show you today was my confetti bags. The venue requested we use real petal confetti, which is way more expensive than I ever could have imagined. I bid on some cheap stuff on ebay (meant I couldn’t choose colours, but that’s way to pernickety for me anyway) and then fancied it up with glassine bags (who doesn’t love glassine!?) stamped with gold stars, and little ‘throw me’ tags which I hand-calligraphed in gold ink. These were meant to be paired with order of the day timelines, which I’d had printed on grey textured card and spent ages designing, but the sodding things didn’t turn up in time.

Collage4It’s been fun sharing my handmade stationery elements of our wedding day with you. I’ll be back to show the flowers and other decorative details in another post. See ya soon! L x


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