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  1. Kathy Laid

    Laura Pritchard,
    I attempting to cut the fabric for Summer Berry quilt that appeared in Patchwork and Quilting Issue 24 2015. Since I apparently am mathematically challenged, I don’t see how long I need to cut each rectangle to get finished 8″ and 5″ parallelograms. I tried cutting an 8″ rectangle and cut 45 degree angles at each end and then the strip was too short to accommodate the 6 1 3/4″ strips. Please advise as to what lengths each of the strips for all pieces should be cut before the 45 degrees angle are cut. I absolutely love your pattern and several of my friends want to make it too. Hoping to hear a response.


    • Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for your message – I’m so sorry it’s taken me a while to come back to you, I’ve not had access to my emails this week.

      I’m so glad you like the pattern! Cutting these shapes does take a little getting your head around for the first time. I suggest always making a practise block before cutting into any precious fabric.

      I think the problem you are having may be due to how you are cutting the parallelogram pieces. If you refer to Fig 1 on page 33, you will
      see that the 8in or 5in length is measured between the two sloped edges, and not point-to-point along the straight edge of the strip. The actual length point-to-point for the 8in strips is a little over 13in (or almost 9in for the 5in strips), so you could cut the piece from a rectangle this long, but it’s not an economical way to use your fabric as you get wastage at each end. The best way to cut is to cut your yardage into strips the correct width, angle one edge 45 degrees (either in the left or right direction). Then line the 8in or 5in marking on your ruler with that new angled edge, and cut along the edge of the ruler. This will make more sense if you look at Fig.1 in the magazine and physically turn the mag 45 degrees so the ruler in the diagram is straight. You’ll see the measurement from the red line to the edge of the ruler is 5in. This is how you measure your piece. If you have the same yardage as described in the mag, you can get x4 8in strips or x6 5in ones from a 1.25m or 1 3/8yd length of fabric.

      If you could send me your email address, there are some pictures and another diagram I could send you which could help demonstrate the cutting and measurements a little clearer and should help you on your way.

      I hope that’s been helpful, but if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Warm wishes,

      Laura x

  2. Kathy Laid

    thank you for clarification. I made parallelogram using scrap fabric to use as my guide to cut the 4 3/4″ parallelograms. And found, although there is a small punt of waste, I cut 6
    1 3/4″ strips width of fabric and sewed them together, then cut the 45 degree angles on each end. This was easier than cutting the angles on each of the strips for the striped parallelograms…2 cuts versus 12. Then, once I had that piece I could figure the length of the white strips between. I did need to buy an additional 1/2 yard of the white , but alleviated my dilemma.

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