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A few finished quilts!

If I’ve not already mentioned it, I’ve been busy really quite busy so far this year…actually I can’t quite believe we’re already a third of the way through it. I may have been quiet on here but at least I have a lot to show for my absence and the winter months which have mercifully come to and end.

I was gifted a huge stack of fabrics from my sister in law for Christmas (I know, what a lucky duck…) which helped immensely with my no-buying-fabrics New Year’s resolution (I have of course, since fell off the wagon numerous times, but I made it as far as March without spending unnecessarily!). One was a bundle of Tula Pink’s Saltwater…Tula Collage

…which, with an injection of linens from my stash, became a cute little boy-friendly baby quilt named ‘Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave’, available in my shop here.waveCollage

And another was a stack of Patty Sloniger’s Les Amis…amis Collage

…which I turned into this leafy medallion quilt named ‘Shenandoah’, also available for purchase in my shop. It’s fast become one of my favourite little-girl quilts so far, so I hope it find a new home soon.shenandoahCollage

Since then, it’s been all about the custom orders. Apparently it has been baby girl season as there has been a constant stream of pink round these parts. Here are just a couple of the recent commissions which have ended up in London and Texas, USA (I’m gradually collecting the US states but Texas seems to be keeping me in business with 5 quilts sent there so far. Missouri is in close second with 4…). I also sent a custom cat quilt to Canada and another to Portugal, so it’s been quite an international month or two!bente Collagekimcollage2

Finally, as a welcome break from all the pinks, was this vibrant yellow, black and white quilt for a little chap named Joseph. It’s so fun having the opportunity to work with different colours so I was thrilled when Joseph’s grandma asked for something a little different from the norm. This was a really easy, quick and enjoyable make, and I hope it will soon reach it’s new home in Utah (my 16th US state! Only 34 to go then…) making Collage joCollageThat’s not even it, I’m too embarrassed to show you how many WIPs I started amongst all this – but I’ll tell you it includes a couple of cushions for myself, several (!) baby quilts for the shop, and a mini for a swap :-/

If you like seeing in progress pictures, and for some more insight into what I’ve been up to, please check me out on Instagram – @lauradimplestitch

L xx



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The one where she actually blogs! Catch up – Part 1

Well, I’m not sure if anyone is still here (I don’t even have an excuse for my absence – I guess I lost my blogging mojo in recent months. I’m not sure it’s fully back but we’ll see how it goes), but I thought we were well overdue a little catch up!

So, Happy New Year and all that! Seems daft saying it now as we’re well into February and the holiday season is but a distant memory, but it would be rude not to acknowledge it. I hope everyone has had a great start to the year. Ours has been mixed – as owners of an old Victorian house, winter brings with it all kinds of problems and this year has been especially problematic. Leaking pipes just before Christmas meant taking apart half our kitchen and only having running water for about 1hr a day for a couple weeks while we waited for insurance companies and plumbers to get back to work. There were also guttering problems (which was fixed twice, due to decent tradesmen being like unicorns) and now a wall needs repointing as there are huge holes in the brickwork causing mould in the bathroom. Joy of joys. On top of this our big softy, Norton, has developed cystitis as a recurring problem and I think we have an interloping cat which is stressing him out, so we’ve had several trips to the vet and lots of moping from him. Poor chap.

In better news, we hit the January sales in true married-couple fashion, and treated ourselves to a luffly new sofa. This inspired us to redecorate the living room – knocking out a broken window-seat in the bay window that had been there since we moved in and taking the plunge and painting one of the walls a dark charcoal blue. It looks great and has really opened up the space and given it a new lease of life, which needs to be done every once in a while.

A happy coincidence is that the sofa also makes a great backdrop for my products and so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks re-photographing my current stock, to freshen up my Etsy store front.


And of course I’ve been busy sewing. Pet quilts have proved popular since Christmas and my Notonthehighstreet.com shop is keeping me busy and I have a couple of custom orders on the books through Etsy too. Between all this, I’ve managed to squeeze in a few new products which are all currently available on Etsy.

Safari Moon

This was a work in progress that I started a LONG time ago (see original blog posts about it here and here), and at some point it got tidied away in a box and forgotten about for several months. It was so close to being finished that I was surprised I hadn’t done so months ago as it’s actually become a favourite of mine. I’ve been a huge fan of Frances Newcombe’s Safari Moon range from the start, and that love for the colours, the zebras and the traditional inspired prints has not faded. The finished project is a cute little baby quilt, which I think could work for both little girls and little boys.


Winter Birds

This quilt was born out of me wanting to put together a quick project between obligation sewing. I had a stack of grey-blue and low-volume linen prints that I had wanted to use for some time, but felt it needed something else. A little injection of red from my stash and this quilt practically made itself. More traditional than many of my quilts, but they say variety is the spice of life. Another boy-friendly, but also gender-neutral quilt available for sale now.


Southern Point

This mini quilt is a recent finish. As part of my New Year’s sewing resolution, I’m trying to use up as much of what I already have in my stash before buying new fabric (which is both torture and a great challenge at the same time!). I wanted to design something with just a couple of colours so I turned to Pinterest to find inspiration for a colour palette and then pulled these four fabrics from my stash. Foundation paper piecing is my latest obsession so I drew up a quick design on the computer and completed the whole thing in a day. It’s been a long time since I designed, cut, pieced, quilted and bound (by hand, no less!) all in one sitting but it felt great and I’m so pleased with the result. I’d like to make a lot more in this style.point1Collage4There is still a lot more to show and tell, so stayed tuned for part 2. In the meantime you can buy any of these quilts here, and if you’d like to see what I’m up to more regularly, find me on Instagram with the handle @lauradimplestitch . L xxx

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Three little quilts for three little angels

In the lead up to the wedding, I was also very busy with custom orders purchased through my Etsy shop. I am very fortunate to work with some truly lovely customers and as a result can get very emotionally involved in making a special quilt. A handmade gift is such a personal thing to give and all three of these customers wanted personalisation in one form or another.

The first, was a large hexies quilt for the arrival of a baby girl named Alba Rose (a beautiful name I’d not heard before). This was designed to be a play mat and blanket and the customer asked for it to be bright with minimal white to help disguise any stains from regular use and rough and tumble. She chose the popular colourway of turquoise, reds and pinks, and the result is a bold and fun little quilt, that should withstand all kinds of rough love and baby-related mess!

Duck and Cover:


Next up was a quilt for a far more sensitive and heartbreaking occasion. This customer’s story touched me greatly and as a result making this quilt was a very emotional experience for me. More than ever I put my heart into making this little burial quilt perfect and I only wish I could have made something for this little angel under happier circumstances. This family will be in my thoughts for a long time.



Finally is my personal favourite. This was pieced using the foundation paper piecing technique which I hadn’t tried before but actually really enjoyed. I used newspaper as the foundation which worked ok but wasn’t ideal (not to mention distracting!) so I’ll use proper paper the next time I do it. This customer came to me with three different colour schemes she liked, and we narrowed it down to a simple fuchsia and grey which is a classic combo that I love. This quilt now belongs to a baby girl named Ava, whom I hope will love it as much as I do!


Collage3L xx

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One for him and one for her – Patchwork cushions

I promised you pictures of a finished project this week and here it is…

This little cushion will be soon be sent off to its new home in a little baby boy’s nursery. I was given the brief that it should coordinate with a muted and neutral nursery, with little pops of red, blue, yellow and green. And foxes, lots of foxes. Because you can never have too many, can you? I am also sewing a quilt in matching fabrics for the crib, which is equally as adorable and I can’t wait to show you that as well. DSC_0374vik CollageThe hens fancied doing a spot of modelling for this one! Betty got in there, but what you can’t see is the other three swarming around the chair like sharks. They assume that whenever I’m in the garden they will benefit in the way of snacks if they stay close enough.

While I was jipping around the garden with my camera I took a moment to take a couple of pictures of my petal applique cushion featured in this month’s issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine (you’ve still got a week to get your paws on this issue if you’ve not had a chance yet). While my styling isn’t as beautiful as theirs, I now have some good shots that I can use when I list it in my Etsy shop. Keep an eye out folks, it will be up in the next couple of days.

DSC_0396petal CollageWill be a little sad to see both of these go, but if I kept everything I made my home would be ridiculous! Which is your favourite? L x



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Love Patchwork & Quilting Issue 6, and a Friday finish

LQP06.cover_uk.inddI don’t buy many magazines. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading them, it’s just that I only ever seem to find the time when I’m travelling somewhere, and more often than not I’ll reach for a book instead. Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine is an exception though. This relatively new magazine is one that I look forward to every month and make time to sit down and read cover to cover because it is packed with fabulously fresh content and inspiration. Being asked to contribute not one, but two(!) projects to a magazine that I love and read regularly was, quite frankly effing awesome, and I am humbled to be featured alongside some of my quilting peers who I have respected and followed for some time now. Excited much?!

I have already finished my copy whilst enjoying a sneaky coffee and a wafer. Here is a little sneak peek of what you can expect in Issue 6 (on sale NOW!), which includes how-to’s for adorable mice from Jo Carter, a beautiful cathedral window quilt and matching cushion from Jo Avery, sweet little scented-sachets from Karen Lewis, a fussy cut mini-quilt from Laura Jane Taylor and much more!

DSC_0083love Collage1

Alongside all these awesome projects is my little applique petal cushion (which got a little mention on the cover, eep!) and scrappy diamonds baby quilt which I originally designed as a commission last year for a lady who wanted a quilt made from her son’s old baby clothes. It’s a great project for using up any scrap pieces of fabric so why not get your paws on the mag and give it a go? Or, if you don’t fancy making them yourself, both finished items will be up in the shop soon.

love Collage2DSC_0100

Well, you can see what Norton thinks of it. Perhaps this is his way of showing me how proud he is? Or, it could be that he’s wondering why that pretty black cat is on the cover instead of him…?

I did also get some work done this week. Although I’ve been distracted from finishing my Safari Moon baby quilt, I was quite happy to get a couple of Etsy orders ticked off my growing list. A lovely customer from Ireland asked me to personalise my Tutti Fruitti quilt for her niece, and also make a mini-quilt for her brand new baby nephew. Immediately I knew this would be another excuse to use Francis Newcombe’s Safari Moon collection. So out came my embroidery needles and floss (it’s been a long time since I embroidered anything!) and today I finished off these two little baby gifts. Pretty cute, huh?

frank CollageDSC_0015wrapped Collage

Oh, if you’re wondering what the hell that weird brown creature is, that’s a banana leaf rhino we picked up from a local craftswoman in Kenya – thought it was fitting 😉 L xx


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